Thursday, February 15, 2007

save us for lost souls

so far, it's been another lazy day. sent my dad and sister to work whereby i proceeded home to sleep after breakfast. i initially set my alarm for nine forty five, but i ended up waking at eleven thirty. this is not good i remember telling myself when i groggily looked at my mobile phone which tells me the time every now and then.

i then grabbed two glasses of water and checked out the akai mpc 2000 xl online because i know someone who is selling one. i have abso-frickin-lutely no idea how to use a sampler/sequencer, and whether or not i do need one. but the prospects of a good deal activates the hoarder in me. in other news, there's a chinese new year sale for these. and i sure could use new pickups.

i'm also shelving my plans to own a 24" imac and looking at building my own pc workstation which i deem is more affordable and while slightly lacking in the software department, might be more suited to my personal needs.

took a picture of my messy table, which may symbolise my messy room. i'm going to pack it up today, and maybe go for a job in the evening because i don't fit into a pair of bermudas which i bought when i was nineteen.

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