Wednesday, February 7, 2007

More Or Less

More Or Less
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beginings that don't always end
i look like i'm trying to tell you something in this photo. but people don't always listen. don't you know that listening to brian is usually beneficial to your life? simply because i spend two hours coming up with theories what it usually takes people two minutes to dawn upon. either there's that much more depth, or i'm just plain slow. or maybe i'm just plain, it wouldn't be too nice being slow.

so i wonder sometimes, we've got stupid people acting stupid but at least they make no qualms about being a jackass sometimes. i think a more seditious problem would be stupid people thinking they're smart. and maybe how we get that is when we get too self righteous in our own thinking? am i? perhaps i sound like it, and i will try not to give any more wrong impressions.

gonna stop working soon, i guess it's run its course, i'd really like a short break to do some stuff, and i've earned my keep for about two weeks of unemployment. by then it'll be chinese new year and hopefully applications for jobs will open some doors for me. i still don't particularly know what exactly i wanna do, so i think it will take a bit more deliberation. in my week sabbatical, i hope to seriously pack my room and convert it into a production space. that means packing and reogranising. i love these things, they are so exciting. out with the old and in with the new.

today doesn't seem particularly special, i woke up feeling a part of the machine. tomorrow maybe we'll wake up apart from it.

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