Monday, February 5, 2007

Regardless, I've Got Your Back

Regardless, I've Got Your Back
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worthy of love
i'll believe in anything. yes, the wolf parade song. somehow it seems to be playing in my mind. but it's rather true init? we all have to believe in something, that's about one of the only things that would justify us being around for a reason.

anyway, i'm pretty bored just sitting around the shoppe not doing anything, but i've already done quite a fair bit in terms of sending out an email organising the packing of my room. i had to entertain customers for about an hour and a half, and soon i'll be leaving for worship practice. my days are long, and i don't know if i should sleep early. i'm feeling a little distressed and distracted, and i hope to find a sure footed path.

sonically, i'd like to play as intensely as possible.

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