Friday, February 23, 2007

i have hope
hmmmmm.. haven't been hoping much lately. i don't know why, i don't particularly know what i ought to be hoping for.

two posts in and this blog is now moblog (mobile blogging) enabled. the previous two pictures you saw were all taken on my spanking new mobile phone (k800i) and sent to blogger via i don't know how, but it still works. i think it's awesome that i don't have to blog from a computer anymore which literally makes this space a lot more spontaneous. be wary, i may just blog you on the fly.

we were meeting together as a team for the recording of some songs that Adrian wrote. i'm rather excited about the prospect, and the experience of what the whole thing will really be about as well. so far, music in the performance and recording aspect never really captured or portrayed my own spiritual views, but this project would seem to push me in such a direction and actually force me to examine again just what it is that propels me to pursue music or art for that matter.

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