Sunday, February 18, 2007

moderation in small parts
it's funny how when i was in perth, i didn't really feel all grown up because of who i hung out with and how i did it. and now that i'm back in singapore, i think i've put the expectation on myself that i want to grow up. have a well paying job, wear my spiffy shirts, drive a decent car, make music that only a mature soul could appreciate. it's strange that none of these have come to fruition just yet because i'm somewhat afraid to embark on new projects and phases. nobody really tells you how to grow up, and i think i'm still sort of muddling my way thru the process.

i don't know if it's singapore or a sign of the times that you start worrying about these things. i mean, here i am falling into the trap of value-adding my life. what makes my life count? what makes it worth something? is it in the job i hold, the car i drive, the place i hold in society? whether i take care of my family, or that things between my significant other and me are all fine and dandy. as we keep up with appearances, as we (i) strive to mark my place in this world, i think somewhere along the line, i've forgotten just who it is i owe my existance to. that it's not just about the things i can accomplish, but also how much i involve my God in helping me accomplish victory in battle. for without him i am nothing, and yet i can still forget to search for everything and find nothing in the end.

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