Sunday, February 4, 2007

Light'em all to Kingdom Come

Light'em all to Kingdom Come
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well, it's been awhile since the last update, but i suppose that's because i haven't really had the time to take a breather. i'm glad that things are keeping me busy in singapore and that well, various things are picking up. in fact, the past week has been absolutly busy for me, just working during the day and having band practice or other commitments in the night. and i suppose everything was rounded off on friday night when we played two sets to a stellar crowd. for a moment, everything just felt worth it.

i have a new bass, and i'm thinking of selling a few of my equipment. packing of my australian home is going underway, and hopefully everything will be cleared before the 19th of february. i'm also glad that as each day goes by, i see a little bit more of why God wants me to stay in singapore and how not to keep fighting to get back into Australia. these three years out of Australia, could be seen as the belly of the whale with reference to Jonah.

the picture shows a rather pleasant jeannie taking silly pictures with me during one of our intermissions. it's nice to have friends pop by your gigs so you don't feel so nonsensical playing to some people that you don't know.

frankly, i think ive got many things to say, but watching tv seems to take current precedence over my life right now.

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