Thursday, November 6, 2003

bless me with righteous groove
yay! i managed to get that pair of bermudas that i had my eye set on. but those are just material posessions. still, it made me somewhat glad. it was also a 25% discount. so i gottit for 60AUD. not too shabby.

been blessed with a massive download of shoegaze music. bathing myself in melancholy now. i wonder if i should start a shoegaze band here in perth. but then, the other dreampop band gentlyfall has disappeared from perth. my shoegaze project should not fade into nothingness.

i realise i havent been letting my mind wander alot. no wait, i take that back. is it, that the older you get, it just dosen't matter to you anymore? or mebbe it is still in me, i just dont see why this blog needs to have that sorta info. =) yeah, so wot if the world knows who you are. you don't know yourself sometimes. guess i'm just as clueless about me, as you are about, well.. me.

oh kay, screw this identity crap, its really the farthest thing from my mind. im just counting the days till i go back to spore. mainly becaus its gonna get terribly broing here, waiting 18 days for ONE exam paper. i guess i have only the best reasons to get a High Distinction for this paper. crap. i think i'll make it thru my first semester, and then.. work at being more hardworking again. well, we all have certain wishes.

and just a side note. i'm really trying to find reason to update. i think i should finally get my ass cracking on coming up with a real website.

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