Tuesday, November 25, 2003

well, i guess even as friends, we can't make you smile all the time. =) it's gotten to me, i guess paranoia has struck once more. *grin* i don't really know why i'm smiling to myself as i think about certain things. yeah, i know i can't always say the right things, or things you may wanna hear. i can't always do the right thing to make it any better. there're alotta things that i'd probably muck up. and yeah, good intentions may never be enough to save a friendship or make it grow. there are so many random ways you can react that make my efforts meaningless. and that's you alone. and infinite amount of random factors surrounding our lives, and the lives of others makes it even more of a lost cause to try.

but hope weighs you down and faith sustains you. i guess there's so much i can do to make it wrong, but i can still pray. for the best for you. this is my prayer for all in my life.

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