Monday, November 10, 2003

oh yay. back to my neandethral (sp) days. neandethrals probably can't spell neandethral, like me. oh yeah, so this is wot happened. i woke up at 0455 (insane!!!), only to start catching abalones at some inane hour of seven i think. i was broken apart by waves as the banged me against coral, how i struggled to keep a grip on things. and getting abalones off rocks is a mean feat! these suckers literally suck onto the rocks for dear life as you jam a screwdriver thru their suction cups hoping to pry them free off the rocks. that's brutal. its like someone pulling you apart as you're snoggin' a girl by jamming a crowbar between your lips.

kinda like hunting for your own food, its agonising stuff. humbled by nature once again. nature is also having myopia. see how much control we have over the things in life? its the little things that kill us.

but i made new glasses, they should arrive shortly.

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