Saturday, November 29, 2003

we're pieces of protoplasmic trash
i don't think i'm in a very contemplative mood. but neither am i feeling very narrative. don't feel bitchy either. so, i've got nothing to blog about? actually, i guess i do, i'm just not too bothered to really go into detail with anything that's been going on. i mean, i'm finally back in spore, most people are back in spore. not unless i have much of an international audience (i know there are a few select few, but you're probably sporean).

well, it felt good to play in the worship team again. guess i'm really out of touch, but then again you never really forget. haha, was skipping chord changes all over, and had to keep looking back at the song sheet.

and all the familiarity. which is kinda.. unfamiliar. all the cds i left behind, don't sound so familiar anymore. its like i bought a whole library of new music again. haha! well, i guess that's just good and dandy ain't it? *grin*

i dunno, i just got back, but it kinda feels like i've been here forever already.

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