Saturday, November 22, 2003

forcing you off a cliff
certain things that may have gone thru my mind today:

patriot. i think it's a cool word. a patriot missile, intercepts scuds. national blackmail. patriotism is probably rubbish to me most of the time. i don't think my medisave's enough to support me if i sacrifice any limbs for home. if you even call that home, more like a house. sneer.

i am not my music. i'm not a rockstar yet. and i have'n't written that perfect song. i don't think there's one, but i wanna write it. the one where everything i can emotionally feel in a day, rewritten in beautiful poetry and vulnerability. and bad spelling too.

why does music need words init. it doesn't. i think not having words expands the vocabulary of 26 alphabets.

my heart still skips a beat sometimes. i guess i'm only human.

insecurities show. always. but i thought i'd say it again.

must not forget to buy sunsilk.

am i too harsh?

why am i not a rockstar yet?

you havent done anything vaguely related to achieveing anything.

don't be a washout.

i hope you're not patronising me, but then again i'm probably too lazy to care.

i should be more pro-active shouldn't i?

but i'll just get hurt.

so why choose sides?

i'm not supposed to be lukewarm.

i'm going back, i guess it beats staying here to a certain extent.

make something of yourself.

i really should stop right now, or i'm gonna sound really stupid.

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