Tuesday, November 4, 2003

i didn't know wot else to type for a title, so i had the unimagniative choice of stating the obvious, that yes, the title is highlighted in bold. a brief rundown of things that happened on monday. uni, test (sucked), home, well-deserved bumming around. dinner at nando's, home, caught australian idol, it was a suprise of sorts. this sunday's the grand finals. or is it next week? napped at nine. woken up at eleven thirty. thankfully, i should be studying for a test in roughly 13 hours time. resolve.

aye yeah, can't really find anything interesting to happen. hmmmm. im shure if i looked hard enough, something should have happened. i got my media research paper back. it was good. the test wasnt. i think i'll get a pretty average average for my units this semester.

=) life isn't all that exciting, even for a rockstar.

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