Thursday, November 13, 2003

at long last, it does seem like i can finally post on blogger. argh!! *shakes fist at ceiling* i pledge allegiance to this hunk of php and java codes? (i'm probably wrong.)

anyhows, wots been happening is that monday was a scorcher! even in the evening, it was still 31 degrees. wot's wrong with this daymn country!? whoops, don't wanna offend my youth pastor. =p but seriously, is it because spore and perth share the same timezone, that's why both weathers are equally screwed? hey, it may look dumb now, but i'm shure it plays a part.

so yeah, i'm just bumming till my paper on the 25th. again, wot's wrong with this country!? actually, apart from these two reasons, there are a myriad of reasons to like it here, which i shall not go into because my fingers are stiff.

yesterday and this morning were much better, it wasn't so hot. yeah, i'm a weather-man, it turns me on or off.

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