Tuesday, November 25, 2003

harmless?bananas! revisited
aight. i've done my stint in perth. i'm going back to spore. well, i've learnt alot, and also learnt nothing. i don't know how i'm supposed to apply all this to my daily living, because my idiosynchrasies are not marketable. well, not unless im a rockstar, only then could i sell my flaws to earn a living (and an end year bonus).

do you remember when the blog first came up? it was all in good jest with morgan's nuvo music news and napkin man's crazy banter. we pioneered it didn't we guys? to get off our sorry asses and start blogging. *grin*

this namesake, came from an intense night of counter-strike gaming with my camp friends. and yeah, i still enjoy it. i don't think i could ever regret calling it what it is. and i'm still not taking off the subtitle, because one day, i believe i'll resurrect my website.

so yeah, wow. 5 months in perth. has it been that long already? army seems like eons away, and no way am i itching to go back. much has changed i spose. am i dreading it? to plunge hedfirst into all that change? but i guess its all in my head. roots run deep, change is the only constant. live and let be, i am not afraid.

so yeah, thanks everyone, back in spore and here in perth. i won't be absent from anything, but i just wanted to close a certain chapter.

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