Monday, July 19, 2004

constantly found
well, i've finally moved out of my old house, i now am at the new place with new housemates, and maybe a new life. who knows? but i think this semester is gonna be a ride. well, i saw my grades, i'm none too pleased, but i brought it upon myself. anyhow, we have to move on, and i'll do better this semester. not gonna have an internet plan so it can help me focus as well as concentrate on other things. here's wot we can hope to look forward to: a gigging band, solo music, blueprints for publications, mission trip to japan in december, a job, more mediums of art and crewing for different projects. we'll see how it goes, i'm depending on God to show me the way and whether wot i'm doing is pleasing in His eyes, but i thank Him for these oppurtunities and ideas He's put in my head.
also, kinda got word that my dark star will record their EP without me. it's all cool -) like i've discussed with Thomas, while disappointed that i could not play on it, i am really happy that we have an oppurtunity like this, and i've given the band my blessings to do a good job, and i'm so glad that God's thaught me to be humble as a musician somewhat. while i may miss this oppurtunity, there will be more in the future, and i'm just so happy for the band as a whole that we've achieved this much this far. Do a swell job aight guys?
and in other news, i'm helping out as an orientation leader for this semester. it's pretty oh kay, helping who i can, just hope i'm doing it right. gee, this must be a pretty boring post because its so much on life updates.. i'll think of something else when i've stuffed my head back in the box. and return it's warranty slip.

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