Thursday, July 15, 2004

stuart hall, 1993, p362:
the new diasporas which are forming across the world... are obliged to inhabit at least two identities, to speak at least two cultural languages, to negotiate and "translate" between them. In this way, though they are struggling in one sense at the margin of modernity, they are at the leading edge of what is destined to become the truely representative "late-modern" experience. They are the products of the cultures of hybridity. This notion of hybridity is very different from the old internationalist grand narrative, from the superficiality of old style pluralism where no boundaries are crossed, and from the trendy nomadic voyaging of the postmodern or simplistic versions of global homogenisation - one damn thing after another or the differences that dosen't make a difference. These "hybrids" retain strong links to and identifications with the traditions and places of their "origin". But they are without the illusion of any actual "return" to the past. Either they will never, in any literal sense, return or the places to which they return will have been transformed out of all recognition by the remorseless processes of modern transformation. In that sense, there is no going "home" again.

somehow outlining wots been going thru my brainwaves. i guess ive always thought things weren't gonna be the same again, but then to actually live it out. it hits you at different points in time. im glad things are real and not just happy happy do-da-day. and no, i'm not feeling down, i didn't feel down about anything, but yeah.. just experiencing life and all. i'm back from melbourne, check this space and spread the word. in the end, everything is harmless is back, alive kicking and shoving boh-liao (out-of-point) rants in your face (where it hurts).

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