Saturday, July 31, 2004

the light
so i'm typing this from uni, because seriously, i think this new less-internet lifestyle is gonna work out. i feel kinda freed, that i'm not staring at the computer screen so much anymore.

anyhows, just got back from the wallabies vs springboxxe rugby tri-nations match at the subi oval. the wallabies won (yay!), and it was a swell time. i think its a great fever that hits the crowd when you're supporting the home side. anyhow, it got me thinking about when was the last time i supported spore in a sporting competition. it's been awhile, and yeah.. sometimes, no matter how sucky a country can be, there's something about the soil you were born on. then again there's also something about the soil you call home. either/or it's all up to you.

and the stupid tsl forum is pissing me off because people just talk and think they're right all the time (myself included), and shamelessly cant seem to think out of the box (myself included). so i'm just not gonna bother anymore, because its not worth my time. well, if you checked that link out, take i guess who i am. i'm shure my writing style kinda makes itself noticable.

and thanks all for dropping by! the traffic has increased slightly!

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