Monday, July 26, 2004

since i left you, i found the world so new
interesting lyric by the avalanches which i never noticed before. i like it, i think it speaks volumes of putting the past behind you and moving on. something not many of us do, or do properly. i wont say wot exactly is a life in order, but i think God has blessed my life pretty cooly lately. i just feel like there are things to do, work to be done, something more than just running in circles. has my thinking simplified? well, i work more with God's revelations than thinking about stuff on my own. i mean, i'd intellectualise God's ways and laws, but i think i learnt alot from my sister when she hit my head and said "God is God, can't we just follow?". and yeah, so because of that, many pre-Christians see this as blind faith, in fact Christians sometimes see their own faith as blind. but its not, we just dont look in the right places. the truth is always in the Word, the Word is truth, in the beginning was the Word, but we always look at other things, within ourselves, tryna make sense of the world, the space around us, the way we try to have a reason for everything. Jesus Himself said "I am the way, the truth and the life." it's right there, if you're looking for truth, just look to Jesus. you won't find wot you're looking for, but He'll reveal it to you.

another thing i've learnt thru it all, is that.. even with pre-Christian friends, i've kinda learnt and am still learning to always give that glory back to God. say i wanna explain something that happened, and God's hand was in it.. in the past i'd actually try to deconstruct it to make it understandable to them in a worldly way. but now, it just makes sense to say it the way it happened. i mean, why bother to hide it, or have no faith that these people would not understand wot i'm talking about or share? yeahh, in that sense, i've learnt, and feel that the Christian voice should be heard, louder than the voice of the world.

well, today was spent buying groceries and space savers for the new house with peivn. went to uni to get some of my unit readers too. thank God that he's blessed me with a three-day week. i can work now, so i hope He blesses me with a job that will pay for my mission trip at the end of the year.

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