Sunday, July 4, 2004

holding it back in
just reading chapter 222 of naruto just now, and its developing along pretty well. a good story has real characters, and for awhile i didn't like sasuke or his ├╝ber badass brother itachi because they were too god-like in their abilities. but now, as the manga goes thru their histories, i guess everyone's got a story to tell. sasuke the genius of his class, born under the sharingan, an ability that's in his clan's genetics, can be paralled with the gifted people that we have in our sociey, or those born under the right stars. he's breaking down now, because he's insecure about his abilities somewhat, when our underdog hero naruto seems to be catching up with him in terms of strength and ability. sasuke feels somewhat insecure because he realises that he has no real strength as compared to the many other evils around, and the most 'evil' of all, his elder brother itachi who massacered their entire clan years before. sasuke swore revenge, and has embarked on the path of self destruction by embracing evil itself in exchange for power. it's a short cut, it's tragic for the uchiha clan, but hey we all love a good tragedy.

anyhow, so that's the story now, we dont know if sasuke will give in to the evil, or if naruto's gonna kick his ass into submission or talk him out of it by offering his 'i was lonely but now i have people acknowledging me' testimony. i mean, that's kinda the central theme about the manga. in fact, it's probably gonna be like that, because sasuke's all alone even though the girls like him and he's somewhat held in high regard because of his abilities. but yeah.. getting to see a lot more than his usual act sey (note: to have an air of coolness) self.

oh, but the point about this post, was about the gradual decaying of itachi. i think this chapter kinda shows the turning point in his downward spiral. itachi is the real genius, the tortured artist ahead of his time. because he's excelled so much in his youth, you can imagine the distance that puts him against everyone else. he's exceptional in that sense. and because of that, the society around him is telling him to put his clan first, his country first, but in some way, his own twisted way i suppose, he sees these things as boundaries and limitations stunting his growth as a shinobi. to draw it to real flesh and blood life, its kinda like.. people just not being able to comprehend your abilities, not understanding the knowledge that's welling up inside you, or the emotions playing in your heart. where i guess, truely you've touched a fragment of heaven and its positively bursting out thru you, and you can't even express your revelation. yeahh, i guess we tend to look down of people sometimes if that happens to us too. sooo anyhow, i know im making a mountain out of a molehill for a manga, but hey.. i really think the themes they're introducing is so much deeper than the usual stuff, yet it does it in an accesible way.

so yeah, the point is, i guess while we may have our gifts, i dont think any of us is better than anyone else. though yes, a lot of us have walked down that path.

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