Friday, July 2, 2004

on a cold an frosty mug
sits a cake of foam. but this is not about beer, just that im absolutely freezing now and my fingers feel as if they were frozen fries. i'd eat them because i'm hungry, but i need my fingers to play bass.

it's strange to be praised as a bass player by my band. i mean, i know i'm not that wicked a bass player, maybe because i've seen too many mean ones, but yeah, it's cool the new band likes the stuff i put out. i like the stuff they put out too. it's not commercially viable stuff, but i just never dreamed i'd be playing in such a band, the stuff you only hear on obscure records and mp3s and never thought anyone out there would wanna make such music. we tried a new drummer, and he's got wikid chops. he actually adds a commercial rock edge, but i think he'll actually blend into the music and create a unique style of his own.

i need to make a list, if not i'm going to vegetate in front of my computer the entire winter, or i'm actually gonna find that my holidays suddenly came and went.

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