Saturday, July 24, 2004

shoot from the hip
siyuan's sucha nice guy, that when he says nice things about you, you kinda k now he's not being patronising. and he just listens, to the point where i feel i'm talking too much. a good listener should be able to make a ranting person realise that talk is cheap. -) anyhow, he's quite excited that i got a holga, even more than excited than i am! hahaha, anyhows, he's gotta spiffy SLR, and i've got the trendy holga. this could be a beautiful creative relationship of point and shoot. wots more, we're both doing screen production ii, which is more maverick shooting from two cowboys who don't know anyything about the calibres of their weapons of choice.

and apart from that, today's big event was spent crewing for prema's honours project. it was enlightening and somewhat semi-professional. it's not a big crew, but she's a director who seems to know wot she wants. well, i just do wot im told and help in wotever way i can like buying dinner back, learning by using my eyes and wotever questions i can get answered. great learning experience, and working when the air's just chilly is pretty therapeutic.. just seeing the hard breathes of labour condense in the air around you. something tangible. heh~

tomorrow will be alysium's (i still think we should change the name) first gig at our guitarist, rebecca's twentifirst birthday. we're gonna wing thru most of it, but i reckon it should still be a pretty good set.

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