Sunday, July 4, 2004

we'll meet again
later today, a good buddy of mine, possibly one of my best friends, napkin man is going to be baptised. i'm shure this is a big step for our hero, and yeah.. it's way huge. i'll be celebrating with you in spirit bro, really glad that you're choosing to make this an outward decleration of your faith toward our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. -) really, my heart is positively beaming, and this is indeed going to be a special day for you.

and then, we're actually gonna meet each other once again in melbourne on monday morning! man.. i can't exactly believe it, but thanks so much for wanting to meet up in oz when i didnt exactly wanna go back. you've truely made this a vacation worth having. who knows wot adventure lies ahead of us, but i get the feeling that our social justice will prevail. who dares stand in our way?

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