Thursday, July 8, 2004

we're not out!
it's positively freezing! melbourne's the kinda place where its big city life and real mist blowing breaths! oh kay, very swakoo because i feel like a small towne boy who's just seen the big city! but yeah, Sydney didnt swamp me as much as Melbourne did.. it really feels like some neo-tokyo of the animes. the caustic lifeless streets of the city. the doom and gloom of the urban machine. I LOVE IT! well, probably just a phase, but man, the monotony of city life en all, its a very new experience to me. or it feels new.

so naps and i havent been up to much mischief. we're behaving very well, being the reserved chinks that we are. we're just here to do our thing, bring a lil sunshine wherever we go, and in the process scour out some great buys. oh how materialistic my soul has become. naps probably hears to no end the "should i get this?" questions. it's amazing i havent bought myself a dress.

we went to the culture exhibition and moving pictures installations yesterday. that was really awesome, to see so many great wanky minds at work. or rather, wot their great wanky minds have been working on. the one that really got to me was alex davies's"swarm". it records people who enter the room by scanning across, and replays them at different points on this large panoramic screen. while amplifying voices, it creates an air of claustraphobia and horse whispers. because they are images from the camera's memory, you see people from the past standing before you in real time. sometimes your own image appears. it was a highlight of non-continuity causing spatial disorder. that guy is truely a wanker, and i wonder if i even do him justice by talking about his phallic craft. but yeah, we're all artists right? hahaha, by now you should realise that im one of those post modernists who have no real talent in any craft, and so we peel a banana and call it art because it communicates with us. "mmmmmm.. eat banana, banana good". and yes, art is phallic.

an so, the adventure continues, the spoils of war await us at the end of our campaign. we have some good shots, thanking naps and his keen eye. its probably how you've never seen us before. there's a storm coming, do you feel safe?

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