Friday, July 23, 2004

well, i was walking around uni where i saw this work of art, and it was about pro-choice. it had this punkish lookin' pregnant teen, and had the words pro-choice written on it. its all in lieu with the whole feminist movement that i think quite a number of women have lost their focus in their quest to educate us about social equity. all men are equal, some are more equal than others.

anyways, i'm more pro-life, which is anti-abortion. some general arguments is that women should be able to decide wot they want to do with their bodies. perhaps a vast majority of teenage pregnancies are also unplanned ones, and are mistakes. in fact, some are even victims of rape, should they then be allowed to have a choice when they are victims themselves.

well, i believe that life exists at conception. and yeah, it says in the Word that God knew us before we were formed in our mother's womb. how then, can a child that wasn't planned for, that was concieved as a mistake be God's chosen one?

well, think about it this way, God knew you were going to make a mistake, and God also knew that you weren't going to. it is ultimately your choice as to wot happens, but God knows either way. He is the alpha and the omega, omnipresent (in all times), he's not bound by a linear timeline. so even if you were unplanned for, God knew you, and he chose you and gave you life. can you then say that your life is your own? and yeah, pro-choice.. which advocates the freedom to choose an abortion over bringing up a child that, you may not have any feelings for. but God can change your heart toward the child, if you let Him work his forgiving power in your life. i'm not saying everything's fine like a fairytale, but perhaps we take too many things upon our lives and we're not willing to let God in on our problems. why do men still rape women? because we're still full of sin, and God saves us from our sin, but dosen't wipe the sin of the world. that would mean wiping mankind out. so everyday that you live your life, Christian or not, it's a second chance. pro-choice, pro-life. once you acknowledge your maker, things are kinda put into perspective.

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