Thursday, June 1, 2006

celebrities and friends
there's famous people and there's you and me. i suppose i'm making progress with my work, but it usually involves staring blankly at a screen with words written on it. sometimes i don't even understand the very words i'm supposed to be articulating, but it's alright.. work just needs to be done, it doesn't really matter how, does it?

a thought would be something like, hey, i could be famous, but i'm not. and if i wondered why? well, i don't wonder why, but if i did, it wouldn't really be fair would it? i mean, i'm just like any one of you, sure we're different in various ways, but we're all essentially the same aren't we? whatever race, religion or music you listen to, the blood you bleed is still a bright red. i suppose fame is only skin deep, and yet.. how much attention you and i pay to the surface details when in reality, we could be dying inside (to hold you).

and i bring this up for no particular reason, apart from what i forgot i wanted to say because youtube is still the most massive time waster on my feeble little hands. here's an example. i love zwan, i like the happy music they make, and the triple assualt guitars that come through. i think jimmy chamberlin really defines the way they sound and who could resist paz lenchantin actually playing bass that's not mindless thumping on the E string? some smashing pumpkins fans didn't like the direction of zwan, i say something along the lines of, billy corgan doesn't have to be depressed half the time for your amusement. zwan rocks, its like instrumental music with catchy lyrics.

in about three hours the sun will rise, i wonder what sort of day i'm gonna have...

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