Friday, June 16, 2006

bouncing up and down left to the right
i was reading a tad about how west african cultures survived over the generations. basically, for the west africans, they have no method of collating their experiences or writing them down, so cultural things are always passed down by word and action. for western schools of thought though, with our books and our literature and archives upon archives of information and culture, we simply store down in our vaults and banks.

now here comes the clincher:

we preserve our cultures by storing them up, but how are they relevant to us if we're not accessing them? whereas in the case of the west africans, after they were enslaved by the european nations, and they had no method of 'preserving' their culture, integrated and melded the cultures with western cultures and one of the children of this dynamic form of preservation is our modern jazz.

so culture for the west african is much more meaningful, relevant and current than it is for the cultures we can only read of in our vaults.

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