Monday, June 19, 2006

signal loss
the bane of any pedal board. i've been having a play with my pedal board of late, and i'm starting to like the sound of it.. it's a bit crisp and hi-fi sounding but its not as if i have exceptional gear or anything. still i would like to get a bit of that shoe gaze pop rock going. it's actually quite exhilirating to get a pedal board going, if you're interested, mine looks something like this

pro co vintage rat => ne-1/mxr 6-band eq => boss dd-5 digital delay => arion sch-z chorus => boss ph-2 phaser => line 6 echo park delay

ready! step! noise!

in the works are a blue ark tremolo, kwerty's feedback and an mxr bass distortion. all dumped on the wonderful misse pedalboard. it'll hopefully grow into a pedalboard worthy of both guitar and bass.. and capable of making enough noise to destroy small cities.

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