Sunday, June 25, 2006

delusions of grandeur
zines are pretty cool publications. they seem to be created by the non-conformist, to inform the general public about the many happenings and un-happenings of our contemporary culture. produced anywhere from a low cost to full fledged graphics and printing, the zine ultimately has the status of cool attached to it. the question that gets begged is, what exactly can one publication focus on, and how many articles can actually be written?

i'm already having problems finding a daily topic to type about, this blog might slowly be losing its identity to the pressing issues of life. like a vicious cycle, i don't seem to be writing for an audience, and there's only a small audience that reads this.

it's the same old argument again isn't it? writing for the mysterious audience.. but then, real writers write out of a passion don't they? regardless of the readership, if you got something to say, then say it. maybe producing a zine would be too much work, but harmless?bananas! ain't too difficult to update. the thing is that our purple haven has a bad case of multiplicity.

and also that there seems to be nothing worth reporting about, or stuff that interests me, but i don't know if they interest any of you.

tomorrow i'm going to see the blue ark to discuss the schematics of what will hopefully become a customised feedback loop for my pedalboard. my pedalboard seems to be gearing toward a more experimental approach, with yh's orange amp in my house, if i borrow a mic, program some beats on fruity loops, i could maybe write some demos or experiment with some down or up tempo grooves. the possibilities are endless, i just need to find 'time' to sit down and figure my shite out.

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