Wednesday, June 21, 2006

snuggle, nuzzle and snog
im back in the company of youth. today was the first day of sonicfest, and i suppose i never envisioned myself to be amongst the young people of this generation as an older person.

it's funny how i find myself in the cross fire, i suppose growing up i always fitted in by not really fitting in. i wonder how this generation's youth cope and all. i'm still wrestling with the notion that God's putting a burden for the youth in my heart, i mean, i was never too concerned about growing up or what adults thought of me in my younger days, but hmmmm.. why the fixation? also, the idea of having a heart for my home. i think today's speaker had a really good challenge, that if we're not gonna raise our generation up for Jesus, who is? we shouldn't always be waiting for the next bandwagon to come along and ra-ra our youth into a spiritual fervor, but perhaps the onus is on the more experienced to just be there when necessary for when the younger ones rise up. not get in their way, but support them in the direction that God guides us all.

to boldly go where the spiritual highs don't bring us, but since God tells us, we do it anyway, out of the joy in our hearts that comes from God. back to you.

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