Thursday, June 8, 2006

blank minds call for heavy artillery
final cut is almost being cut up, and it involves tonnes of work as well. 12-6, 10-3 in one whole day so that's 11 hours in total. i spend 11 out of 24 hours yesterday editing, and its not done yet because i have to add subtitles!!! subtitles dammit!! gahhhh!!!

but i managed to watch x-men 3 yesterday, and i thought it was pretty good. i know what you mean by it not having much of a storyline but it still rocked! i mean, mindless action and bravado? we shouldn't need to think too much i think.. and it evoked a few emotional responses from me, they know my weaknesses. things flying into the horizon with uncertainty and standing unflicnhingly in the face of impending doom.

finish, let me finish my work!!!

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