Monday, June 5, 2006

rest and recuperation
if you wanna quit smoking, does nicorette really help? what if it were some sort of a placebo, or worse it weens you of nicotine, but you become dependent on that damn patch you stick to your arm. anyhow, the purpose of this post is to talk about the past three days.

so what happend between friday to sunday? did i disappear of the space of blogland? you could say it was something like that. friday was spent working on an assignment and having intensity till late at night. i was videographing my friends' wedding the entire saturday, and on sunday i woke up at the crack of dawn because i was on bassing duties and we had a good dim sum lunch and we got home in the late afternoon but i was just too tired to do anything productive.

which brings me to today.

anyway, the thing about weddings is that they usually make me imagine what mine would actually be like. the thing is, i can't see it anywhere in my future. for starters, graduating is the thing that's mainly on my mind now. getting a job is next on the list, and giving myself two years in spore after my graduation before i next decide what to do with my life. will i stay on, do JET for a year or three years, or will i leave for another country in search of work? within that space of two years, how will i have changed, and quite frankly being single for so long, how will i accomadate someone else into my life? as much as i think girls are great and none of them really think i'm creepy, i probably have zero experience incorporating someone into my life. and honestly, as much as it would be nice to have that sort of companionship, i dont see myself being handed that relationship card. yet.

but attending that wedding on saturday, it really inspired me to start looking for girls who have that x factor for God, who're sold out and because i'm a whimsical sorta person, i really would prefer someone's who's spiritually headstrong, who's able to challenge my internal doctrines because she herself is firmly grounded in the word. who doesn't argue for the sake of arguing, but enters debate because God convicts her to. it's a form of looking out for my back, especially when i start getting too self-indulgant in whatever of my schemes.

having said that, if she was funny and likes music as much as i do (and attends all our gigs and we could sing duets in our old age), she'd be one of a kind.

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