Friday, June 16, 2006

you think too much
you might be surprised as to how many times i've designed conversations to allow people to say that line to me. perhaps its true to a certain extent, but this really isn't one of those times, if anything, i think it's about time to outgrow such a useless habit.

you see, i suspect no one's really particular in the whimsical ramblings of some half-baked blogger on my purple parade, what the masses really want is good honest to goodness wholesome provocative talk that send shivers down your spine. i suppose i'm not that kinda writer, nor have i ever attempted to be one, to cut a long story short, i don't think purple will ever be the colour of the week.

so you will forgive the short attention span of this unpopular space, it ain't much but i'd like to call it my little signpost in cyberspace. just like a sort of a letterdrop for you to leave a message.

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