Thursday, July 6, 2006

flying fingers first
funny thing happened as i was driving along the AYE. i think singaporean drivers have it all wrong, because as usual, when you indicate, nobody gives way to you. so anyway, this is what happened. taxi indicated to want to come into my lane, me being the aussie trained driver, promptly gave him way to enter ito my lane. mind you, the gap was rather big for him to just take the lane comfortably, but he waited there like a pooh-bor!!! i mean, like how much obvious do you need it to be? finally, it is my conclusion that as a singaporean driver, when he indicated, he expected me to speed up and not allow him to pass as protocol, so that he could cut unnervingly into the poor sod behind me. and thus causing an 10-car pile up along the AYE.

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