Sunday, July 16, 2006

vertov was a man, merely a man
and to what may i owe the honour to this chance meeting? oh man, its like i never even had a holiday, working and meeting folk after in the evening, and finally, its my last day in spore! tomorrow evening i fly back to perth, perhaps for the last time? it's my final semester already and i'm just wondering what's in store. i must confess, i haven't made an effort to sit down to just pray or read the bible, and basically take some time out to figure out just where God fits in with all this. in fact, that's the problem, fitting God in. it should be, we being fit in to God's plan, something i must say my proud mind and heart are constantly not thinking of. it's always me! me! me! first, and then God second in anything else i do.. i do wonder where it all leads to, and even if it leads to anywhere in the first place. i suppose it does, but it's a mighty long time..

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