Thursday, July 27, 2006

space saving superstructures

oooooh.. i saw this on the zvex website and now i want one..

don't know if it's particularly useful and all, but the variety seems to make everything spoiled for choice, 8 different channels and levels to fiddle around with! coupled with my doombox, i could take out a small galaxy. (okay, so its ludricous that interplanetary destruction increases exponentially with each new pedal i yearn for..) but yes, i am looking for a tremolo, the curtis overdrive and an envelope filter.

also, the past two days i've been on a dinner spree with puff pastry. yesterday evening, i made mushroom soup from scratch and i had a puff pastry at the top to go with it for dinner. for lunch today, i made some mushroom cheese puffs, and for dinner, bacon aglo olio with a pear puff with reduced pear sauce for dessert. puff pastry has got to be any kitchen's essential must-have! impresses a chimpanzee and so much more!!

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