Sunday, July 16, 2006

visual arts, styles, the likes and all that
wow, can't believe that in a few hours time i'll actually be on a plane back to perth where i'll be spending the next four to six months. there have been many things on my mind, namely second guessing whether or not i should leave perth and come back to singapore after everything, or actually find some overseas experience. also, whether or not i should take the job as cinematographer for my advanced screen module or just do a theory based unit which will give me more time to perhaps pursue more personal goals. namely the ghost of Anna Karina, various documentary ideas i want to shoot about my church and life in perth, or perhaps give more time to the video ministry and missions rehearsal..

the buffet is full, but i don't know if i can finish everything.. plus i really would like to do super duper well and hand in all my work on time for a change this semeste..

but first things first, napkin man and the chengster are both hopping on a plane trip with me for a one week whirlwind chill outter in perth, promises lots of beer, food, talking, laughing, farting and driving.. i'm actually looking forward to it.

thanks to everyone who've i've spent time with in spore! you know who you are and you really made my trip back worthwhile! loving you in the Lord, always -)

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