Monday, July 3, 2006

i want to
make a list of all the things i want to do. but that's so narcissistic. if everybody needs a hobby, i don't particularly know what mine is anymore. the problem with insercurity, is that you want to jump on the rush of any other thing you can find to better your life with, or whatever you think is gonna jumpstart your life. i'm in some sort of a effects pedal fever now, but i'm more or less almost there as well. so far, this holiday i've spent

2 bypass w/loop: $237
A/B switcher: $50
Ritter bag: $43
Tuner: $22.50

in the works are my MXR M-80, M-102, Shure SM-57, Curtis Overdrive pedal. i've decided to give the SLR camera a miss, because i'm not intending to do any production units next semester, i intend to work more with the church's Adobe After Effects and recording my own demos, jog a bit more, do my work regularly and really try to nail down my last semester.

the thing is, are these the plans the Lord has for me? it always starts with good intentions, but what should be at the front of my head is always at the back of my head, and that's clearing all these with God. we all want to change the world, or change our lives or our circumstances. and we always think we can do it on our own strength, but its only when we land a brick wall in our faces that we find ourselves turning back to God. in the moments of our absolute weakness do we usually realise our frailty, and how much grace that God has that he takes us back into his fold, regardless of how we treated him before.

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