Monday, July 31, 2006

was there more to the lust of life?
if you've been wondering where i've been the past two days.. well, don't. i've just been keeping myself occupied, over the weekend i finally went for a jog with jo, jade cooked dinner on sunday and i wated "you, me and dupree" right just now. so, it's actually been pretty well played out so far.

current things on my mind, are insurance company claiming undisclosed amount from me after i accidentally bumped into someone's hyundai about two weeks back. also deciding if children and the media is a better choice than advanced screen production. which means i'm intending to not do production this semester as a gradable subject. but there just aren't too many people i'm interested in working with this time round. so i might as well take it slow right?

haven't been playing much guitar or bass, but i'll get around to that soon enough.

lusting after the processing power of the apple mac book pro, but as of right now i probably don't need such an extravagance.

till next time.

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