Tuesday, August 1, 2006

for what gain my motherland?

interesting, this is my response to all the hoo ha to this little fiasco. i'm doing it on my blog because i don't wanna sign up with a forum and argue around in circles, usually with people too myopic to see a bigger picture or admit defeat. hey, if someone makes a point better than mine, i'd totally respect that.


the straits times published pictures of bloggers without their consent when they did an article on blogging. folk are exclaiming that infringes copyright laws of the owner of the photos.

sorry folks, but if you post them on a PUBLIC DOMAIN, like blogger or whatever, it's always good to check to see if those providers actually do protect your "creative endeavours" and for starters, your blog, is not your journal, its not your property and it definitely isn't private, so get that in your thick little skulls because hey! the internet is like a wild west frontier, we make our own laws because it was designed for the people, by the people but the powers that be try to grasp it all away from us.

did we waver our rights when we posted on a public domain? i'll have to check with the terms of conditions from blogger, livejournal, xanga, wordpress or whatever public service you decided to upload your photos to.

y'see.. you don't own those bits of 1's and 0's once they exist on the net, not unless you make special mention of your ownership. which is where the whole concept of creative commons comes into play. if you wanna protect yourself, you're entitled to. not very net ettiquete like, but hey, we respect your decision. but if you like to take everything for granted, then welcome to public communication 101. *sigh*

maybe it is true, we are being more narcissistic on the web, nobody knows how to take everything with a pinch of salt anymore. or if the slightest hint of negativity gets portrayed, everyone starts rising out of their seats with pitchforks and clubs.

tag: Straits Times Breaks Copyright Law

it's not really a tag, i just want folk to see my reply if they search for this predicamemt. and feel free to use my comments box and call me a government lapping dog or fag or whatever your free minds tell you to because, you're obviously entitled to your opinion and i know mine.

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