Thursday, August 17, 2006

reading things in the news
"i try not to be too intellectual about film." Czapsky maintains, "For me, film is simply an emotional and visual experience."

he was the director of photography on batman returns, and despite tha, he so achingly voices out and puts into perspective what i want in life.

i think the path of university has distracted me from what was originally within me. i don't regret coming here, heaven forbid, tertiary education is a wonderful privillege. i just want to say that, somewhere in my quest for finding myself in the folds of intellect, i forgot what it was like to feel, to have a passion for the things that i love.

i know i sometimes exude a waify air that i might be a smart kid, you know that i love bemusement and i muse about so many things in this life, but sometimes intellect becomes a trap for us. it confines us into only thinking of those things which appeal to a 'higher' cognition.. in our open-mindedness, we have become myopic to that which we deem closed.

reading and re-reading Czapsky's statement, it redirected my vision back toward the things closer to my heart, the stuff that gets birthed there, impregnated from glory up high. you don't know God from intellect, he's shown us that he first met us, came to us, appealed to us in love. why seduce us with intellect when his wisdom and wonders far outweigh anything our feeble minds can comprehend? not that there's anything wrong with knowing his word, and being proficient in it, but rather, it's not just about that. all the things we thought we knew, are just one drop in the ocean, unfathomable the glory of God.

and passion, emotion, these are things where i will learn to devote my attention to. things that remind us of humanity, of God, of the potential he's resided in all of us.. i can't help but feel as if those words were deliberately cast in my direction.


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aren't these just some of the yummiest looking wallets? i sure would like something along these lines. maybe even give one to my dad!

i also have a rather small crush for nicki clyne

hehehe.. it's been awhile since i last posted pictures

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