Monday, August 14, 2006

the proof is in the pickel
i half apologise for the lack of pictorial updates on this space, but i'm not so sorry that i lost my digital camera, a wonderful cannon A75, and with it my 512mb CF card and four energizer AA rechargable batteries. somehow, losing the tech specs hurts me more than losing the ability to grab moments in everyday life. it's money stupidly lost and the reproach goes beyond and sense, i'm not a good steward of the things entrusted to me.

also, interestingly enough, i've been watching dick wolf's law and order: criminal intnent everytime it comes on tv.. because i think it has some of the tightest script writing going on, and the execution of a well oiled machine. it's old skool police goodness and makes me wonder what it's like to hold a badge.

and then you remember it's all a dream behind the lens.

speaking of lenses, instead of going into the digital domain, i've been seriously contemplating investing in the lomo lc-a instead. 35mm prints are still readily available, so the film won't be too expensive and neither will the processing (as i learnt with my holga). well, it could still be costly in the long run, but i think it's better to preserve moments on this particular format now before it really becomes lost to us. will probably look online on ebay for this venture.. and then by the hipshot bag from the lomo homepage.

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