Monday, August 21, 2006

there are no more pictures here, no more things left to tell
i'm spying through this looking glass, straight into the recesses of your soul. and apart from any other creepy business, there's nothing more i'd rather do.

ah! there you are, my dear readers. i've just had a glimpse at the weekly report at the traffic to this blog. a measely average of 18 hits per day only! what am i doing wrong i wonder? is my life of no more interest to you? haha, oh well.. i guess there are times when you're just not the flavour of the day anymore. it doesn't really matter i suppose, at least there are still people reading. maybe my posts have been too lengthy of sorts, or of no real significance to anyone's cognition.

but oh well, i sat for a graduate skills test today, and i don't think i might have done it very well. you see, out of the 83 multiple choice questions, i might have missed out 15 questions! that's not very good for those of you bound by the laws of fractions and statistics. geepers creepers.. this is just like how my sister said when you're afraid to test yourself because sometimes you find out that you just suck.

i also attended an introduction to the new panasonic hvx200 because my university just acquired 6 of these new babies. we're the first university in australia to invest in the new true high definition cameras, and it should prove exciting save the least. but with new cameras comes a whole boatload of other problems. sure it's great to have all these new features, but only our current final cut pro 5 suites are compatible to edit these babies, and even the variable frame rates has some trouble loading onto our current systems. but we're here to learn, and weave our way around it. so.. these are exciting times indeed. i feel as if, that if i don't upgrade my skills, i'll just get lost within all this new technology. and the technological spike is another story for another day.

variable frame rates (a first in this level of non-professional video cameras), true 16:9 progressive scanning and high definition recording at 1080i are the main features of this camera. which means more bang for buck, the amount of information recorded in phenomenal for a semi-professional camcorder, plus with the new P2 technology, we can say goodbye to tape and record direct to hard disk. our current P2 cards record 4gig worth of information (about 4 mins of 1080i footage), which are then downloaded into a firewire hard drive (40gig). this is still a pain, but it also means that when editing, one only needs to upload the data files (raw .mov or .avi) into the machine, thus totally bypassing the current tape deck step. it can mean faster work flow, but more risk of data loss if your hard drive decides to crash on you. however, imagine a future with endless amounts of data storage, this is only a taste of things to come.

everything is slowly becoming 1's and 0's.. and we're losing the fight.

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