Thursday, August 24, 2006

slowly finding the time
why do i bother to stay up when there isn't anything worth staying up for? well.. i've just bidded on a lomo smena 8m camera whose shipping costs will probably cost more than the camera itself, and just looking slightly further into the feasibility of owning a lomo lc-a. been comparing the 2nd hand option vs. getting it direct from

lomography lc-a standard package:
hipshot bag
2 rolls 35mm film
through a plastic lens book
2 standard AA batteries
= USD200
standard package with
tunnelvission lens
= USD275


lc-a 2nd hand : USD90
hipshot bag : USD35
coloursplash : USD35
= USD160
tunnelvision lens : USD75
= USD235

that leaves a buffer of USD40 for the film, batteries and book (USD20). i suppose everything kind of adds up sort of. the good thing about going the 2nd hand way, is that i can buy things in phases. thus giving me the illusion of affordibilty. but it also gives me the option of getting or not getting the tunnelvision lens. i know for sure that i want the camera itself and the hipshot.. the coloursplash will probably be essential as well, so that will be my starting kit.

lomography here i come?

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