Wednesday, August 9, 2006

gullible days of our shorn lives
what can rouse me out of my slumber?
or who can rouse me from my slumber?
i'm just feeling rather blergh lately. everyday i reach uni before seven to do my shift, and i'm usually done about 830 which gives me an hour before my 930 classes on wednesday, thursday and friday. on monday i have an 1130 class, and tuesday an optional 1030 lecture. indeed, i should be glad, and i am for a muck laxer time time table compared to last semester's. but everything just seems so slow for the time being. not that i should be complaining too much now should i?

its just that maybe i want more out of life, or am i chasing the wind?

i haven't started recording, or i don't really know what i want to record. it's also a bit scary because i'm just going to find out that i'm not a very creative person. and a lot of it probably stems from me being afraid of what God thinks of me. geee.. i know this all seems very haphazard of sorts. it's just that, i know i haven't really been writing in here, and i don't really particularly have anything to say, and even if i do.. i'm not shure if i should say it or not.

of late, i've been reading a bit on john maeda's work, and it's rather inspiring reading into the philosophy and artistic vision of this chap. and in a bid to actually feel better about myself, i wonder if its too far fetched to do a media research course in MIT in the future. but in the future, all that's left will be our regrets.. so one day at a time. one small step at a time..

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