Saturday, August 26, 2006

what do you make of all this chatter?
theories of 4th and 6th dimensions have been finding their way to my notice of late. what can i make of all this? we can percieve 3 dimemsional space, which is lenghth, width and depth. the 4th dimension being time, and well.. if you read up on this thing called 'string theory', things get even more complicated and you start thinking in terms of 5 or 6 dimensional spaces.

my questions to all this is.. is it possible to actually percieve these extra dimensions? the interesting thing about a dimension just next to me outside of all physical law is just a.. well, far fetched though albeit one of the more interesting things i have come across. a whole universe, that exists within the singularity of a photon. mindblowing, and the stuff science fiction is made of. well, i'm no scientist, but i admire their inquisitiveness, i hope they find the meaning to life, existence and all that. many people are, and we all pour ourselves into one thing or another.

i think there's an absolute God, some people believe absolutely that there is no absolute God. things could get rather confusing, but i'm glad i don't need to unlock the mysteries of this universe to have a God to love me.

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