Tuesday, August 15, 2006

it always starts with good intentions
thomas and i both agree on this. so many things we want to do, we want to achieve in life, we want to help others, help the community, make the world a better place, and yet.. despite it all, everything just seems to backfire in our faces all the time. and there we have it, it always starts off with good intentions. ethnic cleansing, nuclear explosions, world wars, epidemics, genetically modified foods.. the whole shbang.

we talked before about a ray gun that could make anything disappear, an anti-matter theory if you will. i was so proud of wanting to create something like that, but thomas brough me back down to earth by reminding me, with no faith in the human species whatsoever that someone would use this black technology for evil's purpose and start incinerating anything in sight, anything that would stand as a symbol of social good, gone in a flash. and we in turn would tear down the strongholds of the evil empire, and then all hope would be lost.

if you've noticed at the top, last.fm have finally come out with the code for displaying my winamp or itunes recently played tracks. this is probably the flickr of music players. so yes, i can share my music tastes with you guys finally. also, if you download the player, you can subscribe to their internet radio which is a wonderful way to listen to new music, artists similar to what you might like to listen to. well, go check it out, its the beauty of last.fm apart from it's utterly cool url.

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