Sunday, July 9, 2006

paperdolls and brown dogs
living on my own for much of the last three years means that i don't particularly appreciate my mother after coming back from dinner to ask her usual "what's going on in the movie" questions when my sister and i are just trying to enjoy the movie at home. and then proceeding to nag at me from dropping some crumbs on the floor. i mean, i'm just trying to relax but she's trying to get my attention with all this. its tiring.. and to make it worse, i always feel guilty if i'm not patient with my mother, because it scares me into thinking that it's going to be how i'm going to treat my wife in the futrue. now i know my wife isn't going to be my mother, but it just makes me feel guilty, but it also makes it more real that its natural for children to leave the wings of their parents, and make their own nests. you can't stay with them forever, but neither should you neglect them. capiche?

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