Saturday, July 1, 2006

you could be real
there's a force, equal and opposite reaction that works against us all. judgement day is when that force restablishes itself and we weigh out all we're supposed to weigh out. sorry, this isn't meant to be cryptic, but i'm just feeling kind of "blergh" for the time being. perhaps its the last vestiges of my life before looking for a job, earning a stable cash flow and start thinking of settling down or actually contributing to society in a more productive way.

you read about plans, people tell you about their plans, we talk about our plans, it's rather scary that we're starting to set our futures in the stone of our ways, our catered needs, our personalities and our customised niches. we're constantly trying to better ourselves or our situations, or trying to have as much fun as we can in our mindless lives because hey, all we have is now.

while all we have is now, if we could as human beings survey just for awhile, where we stood in the grand scheme of things, i don't know if we would be doing all we would be doing, neither would obeying a 'god' to the full stop of a false legalism be any way to truely better our situation.

the thing is, is there a better situation? to put it plainly, perhaps im only constantly coming back to the "saved" and "unsaved" dielemma. we spend all of our strength trying to crawl out of any holes we may have dug or mountains we have to climb, when quite contrary, Jesus has already died for all our sins, rose from the dead and conquered death, sin and the evil things of the world. this begs the question, do we believe that or not?

and really believe it. i have to constantly work out my salvation, according to the will of God. there is a hard and fast rule and there isn't. we believe in God to be saved or not, simple as that, but with salvation does not come the creature comforts of this life, or for worrying thoughts and insercurities to suddenly disappear. its not always that the heavens open with revelation for our weary souls, but rather, if we are truely seeking or in accordance to the grace God himself would show us, he will reveal things in their due time.

and its so hard! and sometimes you and i get so lost and caught up in our own worlds, i wonder if we realise we need to look beyond the fronts of our noses. but perhaps i should stop preaching and actually survey just whether i walk the talk that i seem to expouse.

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