Saturday, July 1, 2006

so i got a ritter bass bag and ibanez stage tuner at the swee lee sale today for 65 buckeroos. rather pleased, that's all going into my live rig. also confirmed a deal with ark for a second hand A/B switcher so i can use it for my tuner. so perhaps my tentative guitar pedalboard will look something like this:

guitar -> A/B switcher -> Ibanez LU10

Blue Ark Dual Bypass Loop (Loop 1) -> Boss DS1 Distortion -> Pro Co Vintage Rat -> (Loop 2 w/ Feedback Loop) -> MXR 6-Band EQ -> MXR M102 Dynacomp -> Arion SCHZ Stereo Chorus -> Boss PH2 Phaser -> Boss DD5 Digital Delay -> Line 6 Echo Park

and perhaps with a slight reworking for my bass pedalboard. the only other pedal i've got is a Yamaha NE-1, i suppose i'll plan to make my pedalboard a lot smaller than my guitar one. maybe not so experimental. i mean.. a feedback loop with my bass? hahahahahahahahaha.. total sonic annihilation!

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