Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the analog bastion of hope
after hopelessly selling out to lifestyle choices, my lomo lc-a came in the mail 2 days back. i only just decided to load it up with film, and i intend to shoot quite a fair bit of film just to see what it's like and how everything turns out. having a scrapbook or a data log of techniques should proove interesting, but i'm usually sucha lazy bastard i'll just breeze through it and reload the camera everytime i have some extra money in my pocket. and process them whenever i have extra money in the pocket. it's rather vicarious living, but heyy.. there's only one of me. if i can get a scanner, i'll probably post the good results up, if there are none, it means they were probably bad.

i hate the lomo website, it's like queensway shopping centre. meandering 'lil corners and you just get lost in it whilst surfing. it's a nice surprise every now and then, but i'm trying to look for a particular article and the chances of it turning up so far have been nil. i also detest that i bought a slice of lifestyle, but then again.. i also like to think i beat the system when i look back at my calculations and actually beat the average price of a camera on ebay. unfortunately i've cluttered myself with all this extra gear that just gets in the way of me, my camera and my subject. but it could be worse.. i'll try not to think too much about it.. and maybe for a change, live rather spontaneously. or more spontaneous than usual..

lately, i've also been rather scared of turning out like yuppie scum. having multiple client accouts and entertaining them in hip/happening places and further feed my material wants. i'm no saint, i have tonnes of material wants, maybe i wished i was more successful or popular. but i am still afraid of yuppie scum, i don't know if that could ever be real living for me. my friends here have a saying here called 'doing life', i probably liken it to 'keeping it real', staying true to yourself and the values that you have. however you can express yourself, do it, with whatever tools find their way into your hands. then again, idealism never really put much food on the table.

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